About Integis

Our company

Integis was established in 2006 as an independent company in the field of (financial) integrity investigations. We are independent; we have no ‘conflict of interest’ because we are not affiliated with other parties.

We investigate, among other things, conflicts of interest, fraudulent property transactions, vague expenditure declarations, suspicious cash flows and abuse of company resources. Our expertise, however, goes further than mere investigations into matters involving financial-administrative aspects. Our team of forensic accountants and other investigative specialists are also experienced in reconstructing the facts and circumstances surrounding complex or sensitive matters. For instance, we carry out fact-finding investigations of, e.g., board decisions, the provision of information and reports of possible malpractices, including notifications by whistleblowers and reports of behaviour that violates moral standards.

In short, consequential topics, topics that have an impact on (the reputation of) an organisation and on its employees. Topics that often involve environments that are media-sensitive and which have a (politically) high profile.

With the results of our investigations, we enable our clients to draw legal, administrative or political conclusions and to proceed in taking any necessary action.

Our professional norms are based on the rules for forensic accountants and private investigators. Integis is licensed by the Ministry of Security and Justice to carry out such investigations.


Our mission

We stand for meticulousness, objectiveness and drive.

We do our work meticulously. We abide by the laws and legislation and by our own professional norms: rules for forensic accountants and private investigators. Integis has the necessary permit from the Ministry of Security and Justice. We are committed to supplying high quality and offering customised support. What’s more, we also have a keen eye for the interests of both our client and those who are involved in an investigation. That is in your interest, but also in ours; after all, we like to look back on our work with a degree of pride.

We are objective. We supply all the facts and circumstances. This means that we shed light on all sides of an issue. Transparent, independent and impartial. This is what enables you to determine your position optimally. Whether it involves legal proceedings or it is because you want insight and clarity, e.g., so you can take (subsequent) steps.

We are passionate about our work which we do in specialist teams. Our investigators form your point of contact. This keeps the lines short. This method of work enables us to respond to your questions quickly and to advise you, e.g., about whether or not to report a crime, how to communicate internally and externally, what measures to take and about initiating follow-up actions.
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