Factual Investigation

The forensic specialists who work for Integis have extensive experience in carrying out factual investigations, also referred to as ‘fact-finding’. We do these for instance in response to requests from renowned legal firms. These investigations result in a (chronological) account of the facts, which can be introduced into a wide range of legal proceedings.

In a case in which an external supervising authority announces an investigation, it can be of added value to know (in advance) the current state of an organisation. This reduces the chance of unpleasant surprises.

An exploratory investigation also offers support to supervisory boards and executives during decision-making on subsequent steps in response to reports (whether or not anonymous) of malpractices.

The steps in a process often form the key to a factual investigation. When reconstructing a process, we take into account the context: not only current laws and regulations but also administrative-organisational aspects. For instance, we investigate the course of a purchase or tendering process if there is a lack of clarity or a disagreement.

Sometimes, instead of a process, a certain incident or a certain event may be the key; in that case, it is the circumstances that matter. This is often referred to as an investigation of the circumstances. In this case, the emphasis is on exposing cause and effect. An investigation of the circumstances also requires that all relevant facts are mapped out in their mutual interaction.