Factual Investigation

The forensic specialists who work for Integis are highly experienced in carrying out factual investigations, also known as ‘fact-finding’ or ‘truth-seeking’. These investigations result in a (chronological) account of the facts and circumstances, which can be introduced into a wide range of legal proceedings.

Our factual investigations focus on, e.g., the (sustainability of) reports of improper behaviour on the work floor, the course of a sale or tendering procedure about which there is a lack of clarity or a dispute has arisen about the correctness, completeness or timeliness of information disclosed to, e.g., shareholders, a supervisory board or other stakeholders. Alternatively, an event or incident may play a central role in an investigation, with a focus on the question what happened and how.

When investigating the facts, we adopt a phased approach, starting with an inventory and an exploratory investigation; this investigation offers assistance in decision-making about possible subsequent steps in the investigation. This means that every investigation is customised, thus doing justice to the interests of all parties concerned.