Integis e-Discovery for corporate departments

For whom?

  • Company lawyers and legal experts
  • Internal audit departments
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Security

Integis offers:

Advice on possibilities for using e-Discovery technology in concrete situations.

Advice and guidance when setting up a replicable e-Discovery project. If so desired, Integis can take control while the project is being carried out.


E-mail boxes can contain valuable and confidential information such as contract negotiations, evidence of fraud or infringements of company policy. Integis e-Discovery enables internal departments to actively monitor internal policy, to ensure that all employees comply with statutory requirements and that sensitive information is stored securely.

Integis e-Discovery also enables corporate departments to obtain insight into the (legal) facts when misconduct is suspected and to determine an appropriate strategy for a possible internal investigation.

  • Integis has years’ of knowledge and experience in the field of designing and implementing an e-Discovery project.
  • Integis can supervise the design of an e-Discovery project, but during its implementation we can also advise on, e.g., using the right (combinations of) search options and labels.
  • Integis can take charge so that you can focus on searching through the data.
  • If you use the advanced search machine and content analytics of ZyLAB, you can efficiently search all documents for relevant text (of even images), mark and automatically anonymise, bulk label and classify data.
  • A simple, user-friendly interface makes use of, g., so-called ‘pie charts’ or ‘facets’ for every possible way of grouping data logically, thus enabling users to start working on them with a minimum of supervision.


Download ZYLAB eDiscovery DATA SHEET