Integis e-Discovery

powered by ZyLAB

During (internal) investigations, making digital data searchable and carrying out this search forms an important source for drawing up an inventory of relevant facts and circumstances.

Software for e-Discovery can be used to search through not only e-mails, but also network files and data from financial administrations.

Integis has the knowledge that is necessary to use this e-Discovery software during investigations and make full use of the powerful possibilities provided by e-Discovery technology.

Integis works together with ZyLAB when searching through large amounts of digital data. In 2015, Gartner referred to ZyLAB as ‘leader’ in an evaluation of 20 prominent suppliers of e-Discovery software. In its most recent report, “Critical Capabilities for E-Discovery Software”, Gartner gave the ZyLAB application the highest product score for “Complete EDRM E-Discovery”.

ZyLAB supplies solutions for unlocking digital data and making them searchable, whether these are appendices with e-mails, packaged files or scanned documents; ZyLAB’s advanced software makes files searchable, right down to the ‘last bit’.

Combining the investigative knowledge and experience of Integis with the technology of ZyLAB facilitates a targeted, rapid and efficient search through large amounts of data.

During a digital investigation, Integis can play an advisory or supportive role or carry out the entire digital search independently.

e-Discovery technology is used, for instance, during investigations carried out by lawyers or internal departments such as internal audit, compliance, corporate security and internal legal departments.

Integis e-Discovery for lawyers

Integis e-Discovery for internal departments