Other forms of support

Integis also provides other forms of support in addition to fraud investigations, factual investigations, advising on the prevention of fraud and offering (financial-administrative) support during disputes.

Investigation into policy and specific phenomena

Integis supports government organisations, companies and branch organisations in preparing, implementing, assessing and/or reorienting policy. For instance, in the form of policy investigations into possible effects of (integrity) policy that has either been proposed or which has already been implemented. But also by carrying out a financial investigation to support committees of inquiry.

For example, Integis carried out an investigation into the nature and extent of tobacco smuggling in Europe and the Netherlands, and the risks this involves.

Support of Committees of Inquiry

Integis investigators also support special committees of inquiry. For instance, Integis has provided support in:

  • The investigation of the Deetman Committee of Inquiry into the sexual abuse of minors within the Roman Catholic church;
  • The investigation of the Samson Committee of Inquiry, which investigated the sexual abuse of minors who, subject to the accountability of the government, had been placed in the care of institutions or foster families;
  • The investigation into the internal functioning of the Dutch Health Care Authority (NZa);
  • The investigation of the Committee of Inquiry on housing of Leiden ROC (Regional Training Centre).

Investigation coaching

Some organisations may have their own investigative team, but may find their investigative capacity is limited. They may have experienced financial specialists in-house, but who have not yet frequently been confronted with fraud investigations (or not with a specific case). For these circumstances, Integis offers the possibility of investigation coaching. In this case the organisation’s own employees mainly carry out the investigation themselves, under the expert guidance of Integis. This saves on costs while also providing experience for the future.